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India, the land of infinite natural wonders in the form of magnificent landscapes of high mountain ranges, charming villages, lush green woodlands, dazzling beaches, exquisite architecture, rich cultural heritage and intricate art forms is matched only by its endless adventure possibilities.

Because India embodies a geographical and topographic irregularity, this only makes it even more ideal for countless activities ranging from the adrenaline rush of paragliding to the calming effect of train rides. 

Paragliding Destination
The paragliding scene in India started just 7 years ago. Since then it has fast been gaining popularity in the great Himalayas and the trans-Himalayan regions of Ladakh and Zanskar where rough and uneven landscapes are separated with deep valleys from which erratic up drafts and sandstorms occur every minute.

At this high altitude the sport is very challenging and offers the best fix for extreme risk takers while taking off the lower parts of the Himalayas—Himachal and Uttar Pradesh, will send you soaring for miles across immense cross country routes complete with the magnificent view of India's vast lush green landscape.

The safari may just be the best way to explore India's remote areas. The Camel Safari “ship of the desert”, for examples will take you all across the vast Thar Desert of Rajasthan. You can also go on horse-riding expeditions that extend from 4 to 5 days where you will be able to see what it's like to camp in a foreign land en route to another location.

Another exciting way to discover India's exotic, savage beauty is on an actual live elephant on the Elephant safari where you will have the opportunity to see wildlife sanctuaries and parks like the Kaziranga in Assam.

If you prefer to venture on your own, then you should definitely take advantage of their Jeep Safari or Motorbike safari. The experience will be one of tranquil oneness with the natural immaculate workings of India's hidden and untamed beauty.

Probably the most famous adventure activity known in India, trekking has earned its place in the hearts of trekking enthusiasts all over the world.

With its endless array of unexplored and untouched mountain ranges boasting of great trekking routes in engulfed in majestic scenic wonders and an atmosphere of mysticism and exploration.

The Garwhal and Kumanon regions especially, hold as many breathtaking surprises for the trekking enthusiast as vacationing families.

Discover what lies in store for you in the off-beat tracks of India's famous trekking trails…draped with infinite and extravagant natural splendor, you can only expect nature at its best.

In winter, Gulmarg acquires a new persona - that of the country's premier skiing resorts. Skiing, to many who watch it on TV, seems like a very elitist sport, requiring a high level of training and expensive equipment.

They are surprised, when they visit Gulmarg for a day's expedition to see the snow, that others with the same level of physical fitness and training are skiing down slopes.

Gulmarg is the ultimate beginner's skiing resort. One doesn't requite a heavy woolen wardrobe - slacks or a Salwar Kameez will do fine. In Gulmarg one will also be able to drift to one of the many Ski shops and hire skis, sticks and goggles. Just find yourself a ski instructor and set off down a slope.

White-Water Rafting
Zip up your life jackets and make sure to hold on for a wild ride through white water rapids, swirls, and lashing waters in the Himalayas. Ganga, Indus, and Zanskar are also known as excellent destinations for rafting where you ensured of an extremely wet and wild trip of thrills spills and chills.

These exhilarating rides guarantee an excellent adventure through India's numerous magnificent gorges. The white water rafting adventures in India not only give you that adrenaline fix but also ushers you into the extraordinary world of increasing beauty that is India.

Snow Walking
To some it may be a “hybrid” sport, but for centuries it's been a way of life for mountain folks who have to contend with trudging for miles in deeply snow-capped trails on a daily bases. Nowadays snow walking is fast gaining its popularity amongst young adventure seekers and nature lovers from all walks of life all over the world.

Although snow walking doesn’t require very much effort, it does have a distinctly soothing effect. Some of the best places for snow walking are Auli in Uttaranchal or at Manali in Himachal Pradesh, the various Snow Walking circuits close to Whispering Pines Nature Camp in Thangdhar where, after a day's walk, you can snuggle up in your own cozy little tent with loved ones.

Snow Sports
Towards the northern part of India are destinations best known for snow sports. This is considered by thrill-seekers to be one of the best extreme sports destinations of the world. Check out Manali in Himachal, the Garhwal region in Uttar Pradesh and Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir for extraordinary snow-capades of skiing, mountaineering and ice climbing that often leaves visitors wanting more. If you want to take it up a notch, then you should definitely try heli-skiing where you are to jump off a helicopter and land on a snow peak from which point you criss cross your way back down.

Palace on Wheels
Times have changed and winds have shifted, but the Palace on Wheels cruises along in royal style, the kind only the Maharajas of yesteryear could have perpetuated and enjoyed. Today, of course, each traveller on board is treated like royalty in his or her own right. We welcome you aboard to "Re-live" the Royal Experience of the Maharajas of Rajasthan and if you are really looking for a holiday of a lifetime, the Palace On Wheels is for you.

The Fairy Queen
The Fairy Queen, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the oldest running steam locomotive in the world, also went onto winning The National Tourism Award. That being said, you should not miss this chance to board this majestic iconic machine that’ll take you through the most beautiful sceneries between architecturally beautiful Delhi and medieval Alwar where the lush greens carpet quaint and charming towns. It is the perfect escape from urban life and the best way to get to know India's rich cultural, historical and scenic splendors.

The Royal Orient
If you’re going for a more cultural and historical escapade, it just doesn’t get any better than The Royal Orient. Aboard this 5-star-superbly unique train, you will be taken back into the time of the Maharajahs; enveloped in the mystical spirituality of an ancient Jain temple; dip your toes in the Arabian Sea; immerse yourself in the rich jungles teeing with wildlife all the while being so entranced by the exotic atmosphere of the old-world and magical charms of India.

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