Andaman Islands

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The real world, if anyone wants to see in his human birth then, India is suggested to him. Why…?

India is such a nation, wherein, blend of different cultures with several facets of nature and varieties delicacies can be found all together. Indians are like never skipping a nanosecond of life to make merriment. Enjoyment, having feasts and witnessing the beauty of nature are the special traits of India.

Among all the beautiful cities and tourists spots in South India, you must visit Andaman and Nicobar Island at first. Because its silken beach sands and sapphire sea water make you feel standing on any delightful part of earth.

Andaman Nicobar is one of Union Territories of India and so being facilitated with world class 5 star hotels services and conveyance services and all. This place has always been considered as one of the celestial tourist’s spots of India. Population density is not that much and as per current census report it is being stuck at more than 350000 (male) and at a bit less than the same.

The island is in true sense gives its guests a feeling of soothed and highly-spirited. It is quite pretty to imagine even, “Standing in the mid of sea, witnessing all the sea creatures floating all around you and you are just being welcomed by the wind, water and beautiful blend of sightscenes.” Everything would seem like “Just perfect to be there.” Your life promisingly would be blessed, as you visit this Garden of Heaven once.

There, you can get to see a different cultured people, speaking a different language but the meaning is as same as yours. With big smiles on face, you would be received by the hotels or resorts over there and enjoy the world class hospitality services as well.

Every thing would just make you feel visiting this place once again till the last breath of yours, because, this place has always got something new, fresh, exciting and surprising for you. Famous places to visit in this island are stated below:

  • Radhanagar Beach.
  • Dive India.
  • Ocean Tribe Scuba Diving.
  • Elephant Beach.
  • Neil Island.
  • Kala Pathar Beach.
  • Doongi Dives.
  • Andaman Bubbles.
  • And… Inglis Island.

These are the summed up places of Andaman which have recently been found the most visited places by the incoming tourists. There, you can have the continental delicacies also, including sea food delicacies, Burmese, Chinese and Thai influence also in the cuisines.

Besides, prawns, fish and lobsters along with crabs’ made of plates would be at your every time meals. For Indians, Andaman is an exotic part of India, frankly spoken. Additionally, there you can get to see the exceptional living treasures of India and they are Adivasis Indigenous people. They are the dwellers of this place and being so humble to their visitors, presently. 

“Hence, get packed and let your imagination flow in a concrete shape.”

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