Map of Vishakhapatnam - Andhra Pradesh

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Visakhapatnam, baptized after the god of bravery, Visakha, the son of Shiva and Parvati, the known rulers of the planet Mars and the god of war.

Visakhapatnam, or Vizag as it was commonly called, is the most excellent tourism and vacation destination in Andhra Pradesh.

From tranquil lakes to cool Beaches, from magnificent hill ranges to caves and valleys, Visakpatnam has a chunk of everything.

Vizag is enclosed also by three hills. Every single one of these hills has a unique shrine belonging to different religions. The Venkateswara temple on Venkateswara Konda is a popular Hindu shrine and Baba Ishaq Madina Dargah on Dargah Konda is a respected Muslim Shrine. Vizag has many tourist hot spots that characterize the culture and heritage of the real India.

Another place that's a must visit is the splendid Indira Gandhi Zoological Park which host several of the best species of animals and birds.

Vishakhapatnam is located on the shores of Bay of Bengal which is surrounded by the dense forests of Eastern Ghats on its west and mighty rivers such as Godavari and Indravati on its east.

Map of Vishakhapatnam - Andhra Pradesh

Vishakhapatnam is a port city where the business of export textiles, ivory, tobacco, indigo and other items are sold. The true attractions of Vishakhapatnam are its lakes, cool beaches, beautiful hill ranges, caves, temples and green valleys.

The adventurous and fun lovers can experience a number of beaches, long stretch road along the sea-shore, etc. To get around the town the map of Vishkhapatnam will surely help you and it will act as a guide whole through out your journey. Vishkhapatnam map will clearly make you aware about the places where the hotels, hospitals, tourist places and transport stations are located.

Vishakhapatnam is well known as the land of Golden Beaches which is an ideal holiday destination for fun-lovers and adventure-seekers. It is well connected by road, rail and air. So, due to its excellent communication and transportation facilities, people from far and wide come to visit this place frequently. During your visit to Vishakhapatnam you must visit the places like Rushikonda Beach, Ramakrishna Beach, Zoological Park, Yarada Beach, Shivaji Park, Kailash Hills, Lumbibi Park, Darga Konda, Ross Hill, Borra Caves, and so on.

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