Durgapuja - See the Variant Colours of Kolkata Festivals

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If you talk about prime festival in India, Durga puja would surely top the chart. From a regional festival to a global event, Durgapuja has brought together the whole world.

The best flavour of this festival can be enjoyed in Kolkata. This is the most popular Kolkata festival. Durgapuja has various aspects to its credit. It has a rich history.

It has been said that few friends joined together and started worshipping the goddess of power, Shakti. Gradually it became popular. In fact, our mythology suggests that Lord Ram prayed to Devi Durga before going to the war against the evil Ravana.

Durgapuja of Kolkata is just the perfect reflection of festivity and vibrancy.

Buying New Clothes

As Durgapuja is the most important festival of Kolkata, people plan to buy clothes beforehand. It is something everyone looks forward to. People throng to the market place to buy new things. Starting from shoes to hairclips, everything should be new. It is frenzy in Kolkata. The shops display their products with glittery lights to attract the buyer. There are multiple offers for the people to afford. It is a festive season in true sense.

Pandal Hopping

Durgapuja continues for five days – Shashthi, Saptami, Ashthami, Navami and Dashami. The first four days are spent worshipping the goddess and the last day the idols are immersed in the river Ganga. Durgapuja of Kolkata sees millions of people thronging together to have a glimpse of the idols.

People go out with their family and friends to soak in the enjoyment of this festivity. The decorated structures, known as Mandaps or Pandals, are so beautifully decorated that you’ll find one is better than the other.

The Prizes

Durgapuja at Kolkata is so very big an event that various companies come up with unique ideas to felicitate the puja organisers. There are prizes like best idol, best decoration, best sculptor, best environment etc.

The Magic Of Theme Puja

With time the worshipping of Devi Durga has gone under a huge change. This festival is a great way to generate consumer market naturally business has made its way in this. With more money to spend the organisers came up with the idea of modernising the festival.

They started the Theme Puja. Here the goddess is worshipped but the ambience is not traditional. Suppose if I put Durga in Hogwarts, it will be an interesting combination of magic and worship. It attracts people; they feel eager to discover what the organisers have to surprise them with.

The anticipation makes the theme puja worth seeing. Festival is actually a magic that rejuvenates us to wait for another long year for this festival.

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