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The past few decades have shown splendid palaces converted into hotels in India and the lavish quarters as well as the exquisite service that were enjoyed by the Indian kings are savored by the visitors now.

People, who never existed during the Rudyard Kipling story period, also can conjure images of ornate marble palaces with strutting peaczzzocks and splashing fountains, plush rugs, sumptuous silks and piles of cushion for lounging, and the attendants who were ready to do even the impulsive whim.

Very few embraced such extravagant opulence over centuries is the reality.Rajasthan has especially become a place of pride as they have altered the palaces as hotels in India and are bestowing an opportunity to every visitor to India to enjoy the royal luxury.

The splendid palaces are converted into hotels in India in the recent few decades with the patronage of groups such as Taj and Oberoi.

Leisure and travel are on the lookout to make the magnificent manors into the best hotels in India. The Indian properties always had attraction and now in the form of hotels it is attracting more visitors. Oberoi Udaivilas was selected for being the best hotel for travel and leisure in 2007.

The physical beauty was unparalleled; however there were more Indian properties in Rajasthan with romantic luxury tents and spa. Traveling to India will bring out the oases of luxury and royal amenities to your service.

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India is an immensely rich country with tradition and culture. It has an overwhelming wealth of man made and natural wonders and is hence the preferred tourist destinations. There is an array of hotels as well as resorts scattered all over India. These hotels in India are inspiring and exotic.

They epitomize the hospitality and elegance and are well equipped to vie with even the best hospitality industry in the international levels.

These hotels offer convenience to corporate travelers and offer world class comfort and luxury. The resorts in India will shower with refreshing experience and contemporary luxury making it a must visit place for tourists.

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