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Tourist Attractions in India

India is a sacred place and is full of attractions. India has very rich culture and history also so it is full of historical monuments, temples, The very famous Taj Mahal, monuments are very famous for their architecture. That's the reason it remain occupied by tourists throughout the year.

There are some very famous spots like India gate in New Delhi, Gateway of India in Mumbai not only this but if you desire to capture nature's beauty you can get plenty of place like you can enjoy great beaches in Andaman&Nicobar, Goa and many other places. Just come and explore this sacred country you'll understand yourself how beautiful it is.

If you will split these attractions then you can simply find too many places to visit. The most visited famous attractions are Taj Mahal in Agra, India Gate in Delhi, temples of Haridwar & Varanasi ghats. These are some holy places, which given high respect due to their religious environment. People have unbreakable faith on these place.

Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India. South India will give you the glimpse of sunny & sandy beaches of Goa, Kerala backwaters, Ayurvedic spa and meditation centers are the preferred tourist spots to feel the natural power.

Beaches of Orissa, temples & mind-blowing old and shiny architectures are the face of Orissa in India.

Not only these but also high mountains and the white waterfalls are the one, always attract the visitors towards them.

East India tourism & west India tourism are also unique for their variety of tourist attractions. Darjeeling and Assam, tea gardens, traditional dances and festivals, and dresses shows excellent example of unity in diversity.

If you are missing any of the tourist places of India, your trip to India will not be completed. You have to travel to these cities and take a chance to see all of them. Once you are through all the tourist interest places in India, you will be surprised that there were so much to see in India.