Map of Amravati, Amravati Maharashtra

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Best India Maps > Maharashtra Map > Amravati Map

City Map of Amravati - Maharashtra

Amravati, also known as “Amraoti,” is a northeastern Maharashtra state in Western India. It is so perfectly set near the passage through the hills that separate Purna River -- the cotton-growing regions of the basin to the west, and the Wardha River basin to the east.

The area's successful cotton production has greatly helped in the flourishing of its industrial division. Another one of Amravati's impressive charms is its wildlife haven.

It is home to a large variety of animal and bird species including the tiger, crocodile, bison, gawa, neelgai, wild deer, sambars and rare migratory birds.

The state prides itself in the adequate steps it's taken in order to set up many wildlife parks and sanctuaries to protect its regions and promote them as tourist attractions, which gathers quite a number of curious visitors each year. Contrasted in its unmatched natural splendor, these wildlife wonders create an adventurous outdoor experience like no other.

Amravati is famous for Goddess Ambadevi which lies right in the middle of the city. The tourists come enormously every year to enjoy the sight seeing of Amravati and pay a visit for worshipping Goddess Ambadevi to seek her blessings.

Amravati is growing as an industrial center, with its cotton mills touching new heights of advancement. Amravati is where you can find as an ideal place to roam around at the time when you come to Maharashtra on a holiday tour.

The city of Amravati offers varied many attractions which are mostly holy shrines and that is the reason why Amravati is also a nice place for pilgrimage. To name some of the Amravati temples include Shri Ekvira Devi temple, Shri Bhakti Dham temple, Satidham temple, etc. Apart from temples, Amravati also offers two reservoirs namely Chatri Talao and Wadali Talao.

Amravati has extreme climates with hot summers and cold winters. According to legends, Amravati is the land which belongs to Lord Indra. This holy religious place of Amravati is also popular for its wildlife reserve such as the Melghat and Wan Sanctuaries where you can see tigers and various types of birds. During your Maharashtra tour never forget to include a trip to Amravati for you can know and discover many new things here.

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