Celebrating Traditions With Lohri Festival in India

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Lohri in India is the popular harvest festival. Lohri is the celebration of a good harvest in North India, especially in the regions of Punjab and Haryana.

Lohri Festival in Punjab and Haryana

Punjab and Haryana celebrate Lohri in January as their fields are covered in the beautiful golden shades of the wheat crops. Lohri in India marks the harvest of a good crop. In fact, Lohri is organized not only for a good harvest, it is observed prior to the cutting season. 

The Hindu traditions state that Lohri celebrated every year in January on the 13th day is almost the end of the chilly winter as the environment is on its way to becoming comfortable again.

Lohri History

Lohri festival in India is among the significant festivals in the Hindus that is celebrated since time immemorial. This festival traces its origin from the lore of DullaBhatti, whose name is mentioned in every song of lohri. DullaBhatti, a Muslim dacoit, lived in Punjab during the Mughal reign in India.

He used to rescue the Hindu girls who were forcibly taken for being sold in the middle east markets. He got these destitute women married in respectable and decent Hindu families. DullaBhatti, despite being a dacoit, emerged among the locals as a hero. Since then, lohri is celebrated in memory of this dacoit for his bravery.

Young boys just few days before the festival, assemble outside the houses in the villages and sing lohri songs. They get popcorns, sugar, peanuts, jaggery, and money (sometimes) from the owners of the houses. This is an auspicious tradition for the families that have been a part of a pleasant event.

Though, Lohri is celebrated primarily in Punjab, it has, over the ages attained a pan Indian image. In Delhi, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, people start preparing in advance and the final day is observed with a lot of fun, enjoyments and celebrations.

Lohri is celebrated specifically in households that have celebrated any major event like a wedding or childbirth. Lohri songs accompany the rituals. People lit huge bonfires and pray to the Fire God. A vital part of lohri tradition is singing and dancing. People in their best traditional attires eat local delicacies and meet their relatives and dear ones.

Lohri celebrated in northern India, is now a vital celebration in other parts of India and is known in different names in different parts of India. In south India, harvest festival is known as Pongal. In other parts of India, the harvest festival is known either as Bihu in Assam, and Sankrant in central India. This festival also signifies peace and prosperity in India.

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