Map of Orissa, Map of Balangir

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Best India Maps > Orissa Map > Balangir Map

City Map of Balangir - Orissa

Balangir is one of the well-laid towns during the time of the Maharajas that until the present time, it still exudes the charm and serenity of the old days.

It is said that the district was named after Balaram Deo, the 12th Raja of Patna's brother.

Also known as Bolangir District, the predominantly rural town is found in the western part of Orissa.

It is flanked in the northwest by the Gandhamardan hill, which is a place of pilgrimage and rare scenic beauty with gurgling waterfalls.

Also called Ramayanas South Kosala, Balangir boasts of green forests where wildlife roams free and hass been the venue for numerous cultural cross-currents. It is here that tales of Sahajayana of Laxmikana and the Seven Maidens who indulged in Indralath esoteric rites originated.

The Ranipur extravagant vistas of the Mahardi meanwhile lend a gem-like quality of enchantment and mystery to the temples found here. A 141-kilometer drive from Balangir leads to another visual feast at Jharial.

Balangir is a famous town in Orissa and also the major hub of trade and commerce of Orissa. The district of Balangir is around 327 kilometers away from Bhubaneswar, the state capital. In order to make a complete trip in Balangir you need to follow the tourist map of Balangir which will be very useful for this matter.

There are various attractions in and around Balangir. And due to good transportation and communication system you can easily move to it’s near by places of attractions for excursions.

At the distance of around 104 kms you can discover Hypaethral temple at Ranipur- Jharial. Other than these you can visit the temples such as Suvarnameru Lingam, Gnyanadei Maluni, and the Nrusinghanath which are located at Sonepur. The tourists can explore the over all areas of Balangir with utmost pleasure and excitement.

Without being stopping for couple of days in Balangir, your trip to Orissa will remain incomplete. So, to discover this central part of Orissa have a pre arranged plans which can lead you to excitement and joy. Apart from roaming around Balangir you can have a pleasant stay in one of its hotels which offer comfortable accommodations and world class facilities. Also if you are in tight budget then there are lots of options for cheap accommodations in Balangir, Orissa.

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