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Jeep safari in rajasthan

A safari is any long journey that is not typical but full of adventure and thrills. One of the best ways to taste of life is to go to Rajasthan, avoid the beaten track of routine tours and opt for a jeep safari.

Rajasthan in northwest India is perhaps the largest state in the country dominated by sand dunes of the mighty Thar Desert, interspersed by the oldest mountain ranges – the Aravalli hills and also plains.

Wells dominate the scene while the jumbo lake at Udaipur is a treat for parched eyes. Rajasthan has a long history going back to the legendary age of the Epics  but whatever the contradictions between legend and history the living truth is that the atmosphere of Rajasthan is reverberating with the impressions of the past – legend as well as history.

To get the full taste there is nothing better than going on a jeep safari in Rajasthan taking in Rajasthan in the raw.  There are camel safaris but this is not everybody’s cup of tea.

One can choose an exclusive jeep safari. A jeep will also be able to travel in the desert. Sometimes a combination of jeep, camel, horse and elephant safaris will be a grand cocktail of thrills. The jeep safari is faster than the slow back breaking ride on the camel.

Winter is the best season for jeep safaris. In winter the days are warm with the sun playing on the sparkling sands while the winters are sharply cool in contrast. Therefore for jeep safaris pack in light and warm clothes with lotions and moisturizers.    

The travel agents will arrange for sturdy jeeps with reliable drivers to take the tourist to remove parts of Rajasthan as well as see the usual sights. Once the date is fixed an advance party moves a day ahead to make all the arrangements for comfortable overnight halts.

The camps are self sustaining with food being cooked over open wood fire. Accommodation is in tents. Baths are kept ready and kerosene lights are used. Dinner and cocktails are served around a bonfire while local performers sing and dance about day’s gone bye under the open sky of the desert.

The meals are mostly Rajasthani cuisine including chunks of meat with plenty of yogurt and buttermilk. On special advance request simple western salad and pasta are also served.  

On a jeep safari the visitor can walk through villages and see the artisans at work. In short a jeep safari in Rajasthan is a typical tour starting with being received at Delhi and then something hundred times more.

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Adventure sports in Rajasthan Camel Fair in Rajasthan

There are many sports that were enjoyed by the erstwhile Maharajas of Rajasthan and the newer sports that are enjoyed by the present generation as well. 


The Pushkar Camel fair is held in November each year. Its one of the biggest fairs in which cattle, horses and camels are sold, decorated and raced.

Travel to Rajasthan Safari in Rajasthan

The name of Rajasthan brings to the mind rippling sandy dunes, swirling colourful skirts dotted with mirror work and pots balanced on the heads of peeping veiled women.


Rajasthan will give you the best chance to see most fascinating tourist attractions of the world. Rajasthan is located on the northwest part of India.

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