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Rajasthan Tourist Attractions

Whenever we glance through the history of India, the first place that come to our mind is Rajasthan.

The beautiful and colorful state of palaces has a huge evidence in the history of India and its movement for freedom.

Rajasthan has attracted huge amount of tourists from all around the world.

Every tourist visiting Rajasthan leaves with a smile on his face because they experience the rich taste of Indian history.

This beautiful state is filled with palaces which portray stories from our past. The architectural style of these palaces is considered to be the most exquisite piece of art in the entire world. There are some places in Rajasthan which remain as a centre of attraction for the tourist.

City Palace sits in the heart of Udaipur and explains the history of Sisodia Rajput clan. This palace was built by Maharana Udai Singh in 1559, since then it stands strong on its pillars.

City palace is also famous for being used as a prime location in the shooting of a James bond movie. This palace comprises of a complex structure and is considered to be one of its kind. Udaipur has been rated as the top city in the world's best awards.

Another famous place to see in Rajasthan is Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner. This palace was built in a time span of 24 years i.e 1902-1926 and is mixture of Rajput, Mughal and European architectural style, which makes it different from any other monument.

This palace was built by great H.H Sir Ganga Singh. Now a days this palace comprises of a museum, hotel and royal family's private home. This palace is a piece of art and the museum in this palace helps the tourists in understanding this place much better.

City Palace, Jaipur is a flagship of Kachwaha Rajput clan. This palace no doubt sits on the top of the list of places to visit in Rajasthan.

This palace was by Sawai Jai Singh 2 and later some improvements were made by the rulers succeeding him. The pink city is known from the City Palace and is enriched with the class of Rajput rulers.

While walking thorough the palace, one feels proud about the Indian history. The beautiful architecture and the engraved marbles on the floors and the walls makes you visit this place again and again.

Lake Palace in Udaipur is considered to be the most romantic hotel in India. This place turned into a luxury hotel is surrounded by water and is operated through boats. This is the first luxury hotel in Udaipur and the favorite among the tourists.

Lake palace was built in 1746 by the visionary Maharana Jagat Singh. This place has captured the attention of famous and respected people like Queen Elizabeth. A great and one of its kind moments can be captured at Lake Palace.

You can express your love at this romantic getaway in Lake Palace.

The camel safari can only be enjoyed and experienced at the That desert. This place can be considered as the most famous place to visit in Rajasthan.

The traditional taste of Rajasthan lyes in The Thar desert. The tourists can also locate the India-Pakistan border from kilometers away. That is considered to be the 18th largest sub topical desert.

Your visit to India is never completed without a visit to Rajasthan. This place is full of tourists attractions and you always get better than expected in Rajasthan.

Take your time out and visit the famous palaces and fill your self with the real India.

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Adventure sports in Rajasthan Camel Fair in Rajasthan

There are many sports that were enjoyed by the erstwhile Maharajas of Rajasthan and the newer sports that are enjoyed by the present generation as well. 


The Pushkar Camel fair is held in November each year. Its one of the biggest fairs in which cattle, horses and camels are sold, decorated and raced.

Travel to Rajasthan Safari in Rajasthan

The name of Rajasthan brings to the mind rippling sandy dunes, swirling colourful skirts dotted with mirror work and pots balanced on the heads of peeping veiled women.


Rajasthan will give you the best chance to see most fascinating tourist attractions of the world. Rajasthan is located on the northwest part of India.

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