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Tourism In Rajasthan India

Tourism has of late become an industry all over the world. Countries and localities are vying with each other to take a slice of the cake.

Recently there has been some rethinking across the globe about whether some controls should be applied because rapacious tourism is telling on the environment and people of the locality.

Rajasthan has a strong tourism infrastructure catering to people with different tastes and pockets. There are convenient package tours with representatives of the touring company meeting the tourists at Delhi airport.

There are also bed and breakfast packages allowing freedom to the visitors to take in the sights and smells of Rajasthan.

Side by side with the typical tourism Rajasthan has given serious thought to eco-tourism for which 2.5 million rupees has already been set aside.   In the forests of Jhalana, bordering Jaipur plans are afoot to set up a biodiversity park to attract eco- tourists.

The area covers 470 acres. A circular track will skirt 8 or 10 the forest. Driving will be possible along this track, there will be environment camps to generate awareness with camel and horse safaris.

Native dams called anicut have been built as waterholes for the animals and there is hope that birds too will be attracted.

The tourists will be able to see in their natural surroundings deer, monkeys, hyenas, foxes as well as the famous holy nilgai. Rajasthan is already home to 25 wildlife sanctuaries – big and small.

The park will nurture 30 types of medicinal plants with each tree been listed with its name.   Another option that is being promoted is known as farm-tourism.

It will augment the income of the farmer while providing a chance to city dwellers to understand the basics of agriculture.

Overnight stay in traditional mud farm houses and tents are being arranged. It will take some time for the scheme to take off in a big way – but the seed has been planted and it is being nurtured. 

Another tour gaining popularity is the Ayurveda and Yoga tour. The visitors are taken to Jaipur yoga centre. On the third day of the seven day tour yoga lessons will start from 6 am to 8.30 am. After a vegetarian breakfast there will be time for rest.

The session will start again in the afternoon after lunch when Ayurvedic treatment will be administered as recommended by the doctor for each individual. In the evening there will be lectures on Ayurveda and Yoga.

There will also be time for elephant and camel rides and visits to famous forts, palaces and temples.

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Adventure sports in Rajasthan Camel Fair in Rajasthan

There are many sports that were enjoyed by the erstwhile Maharajas of Rajasthan and the newer sports that are enjoyed by the present generation as well. 


The Pushkar Camel fair is held in November each year. Its one of the biggest fairs in which cattle, horses and camels are sold, decorated and raced.

Travel to Rajasthan Safari in Rajasthan

The name of Rajasthan brings to the mind rippling sandy dunes, swirling colourful skirts dotted with mirror work and pots balanced on the heads of peeping veiled women.


Rajasthan will give you the best chance to see most fascinating tourist attractions of the world. Rajasthan is located on the northwest part of India.

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