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Culture in South India

The culture in south India is always a topic of great interest for all due to its vividness and versatility.

Due to the reason that people from different customs reside here, the culture of south India is unique and so widely famous.

Indian culture though with its visible differences, forms an important part of the Indian culture.

The culture covers traditional clothing, cuisine, music and dance, architecture and paintings, communities and traditions, etc.

The Traditional clothing of south India is the most important element of culture in south India. South Indian women traditionally wear the sari while the men wear a lungi/ dhoti, with typical patterns.

Both the sari and lungi are unstitched drape cloth that are draped beautifully by the people from south India. Draping a saree is itself an art.

Food habits outline a vital part of the heritage and culture of any place. It reflects the culture of the people. South Indian cuisine is based on rice. When combined with Lentils, recipes like Dosas, Idis, Vadas, Uttapams are formed.

The food here is easily digestible and best combination of proteins and carbohydrates. Sambar, Curd, Biryani, Cofee, Tamarind and Coconut chutneys are just to name a few items from south Indian cuisine.

South Indian food is perfect permutation of flavours, colours, zest, nutritional balance, aroma, savour, and visual appeal. The food here plays a prominent role in enhancing the culture in south India.

If we talk of music and dance, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi dominates Indian dance and the sophisticated Indian classical music of south India is popular in whole world.

Temples forms the basic of culture in south Indian states. The art and architectural excellence of these temples holds a strong connection to the heritage and culture of these states.

There are many forts and historical monuments in different cities of south India, which emphasise the versatile culture in south India.

People of varied communities such as Malayalies, Tamilians, Telugus and Kannadians with their different customs and languages give great respect to each other and live happily with brotherhood. The unity here itself is the picture of culture in south India.

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