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Hill Stations in South India

South India, land of varied culture, heritage, language and people is blessed with an equally rich and vast wealth of natural exquisiteness.

The clean and fresh air of the South Indian hill destinations sooth the mind and the calm surroundings liberate all the tensions.

If one has to get the comfort and healthy retreat from the heat and dust of the plains, the visit to scenic hill stations in South India is the best option.

Moreover, the beautiful green surroundings, isolation, hygienic and clean weather with magnificent views makes them ideal holiday spots offering quick relief from the busy city life.

Opaque waterfalls, lakes, Hill plantations and potent rocks define the beauty of hill stations in south India. Words become less to describe the scenic beauty of these hill stations.

The views, the fresh air, the greenery is very soothing. Hill stations are the most striking places for newly wedded couples for their honeymoon.

Almost all the hill stations are well connected with bus or train and provide excellent accommodation facilities. The hotels and restaurants at the hill stations in South India offer the best of comfort and luxury.

There are hotels to suite every level of traveller at the hill stations in South India. One can visit the hill stations in cities from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Almost all parts of South India have scenic beauties.

Few cities are ornamented with some awe-inspiring hill stations which beckon high rate of tourists during summer season.

Many tourists those have really visited this land have named one of the states of south India as a paradise. In earlier periods, the kings or Sultans used to make their alternative forts somewhere on the hills for summer retreat.

One will find few hill stations here formed on the same regard e.g Nandi Hills was one of the summer retreats of Tipu Sultan.

Nilgiri means "Blue Mountains". The entire area of the Blue Mountains with amazing spectacular views is nowhere but in south India.

The Hill Stations in South India leaves a remarkable impression on the visitors, inspiring him to pay more visits.


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