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Fair and Festivals in South India

A fair is a gathering of people to enjoy associated carnival entertainment. A festival is a set of celebrations in honor of God or Gods.

There are numerous types of festivals in the world. Festivals can be periodical, agricultural, regional, etc.

Though many have religious origins, others involve seasonal change or have some cultural significance.

Fairs and Festivals in south India are celebrated by varied cultures and through their special rituals. This adds to the colours of Indian Heritage.

In south India, festivals are times when the elderly share stories and transfer certain knowledge to the next generation. There is always a specific cause behind the celebrations or the festivals in south India.

Fairs and Festivals in South India are numerous and distinctive. The celebrations and festivals in South India are known for their distinguishing music, classical dance, colourful Rangolis (Beautiful drawings on door entrance floor), varied food feasts, new clothes, number of rituals, decorations and fireworks.

Ugadi, is the New Year festival of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Hampi Festival is the lively festival of dance and music.

The famous Tamil festivals are Cape festival at Kanyakumari. Pongal, Natyangali Dance festival, Karthighai Deepam and Jallikatu Bull fight Are festivals here. These fascinating festivals attract more pilgrims and tourists during the celebration days.

Pongal is an important agricultural festival, which is celebrated to mark the reaping of the harvest. The festival is celebrated for four days In fact, the name of the festival is derived from Pongal, a rice pudding made from freshly harvested rice, milk and jiggery.

Aaranmula Boat Race, Onam, ThrissurPooram are Kerala festivals, of which, Onam is the national festival of Kerala. Onam marks the month of harvest suggesting prosperity and happiness all around. It is a ten-day long festival. Vishu is the New Year Eve according to the old traditional Malayalam calendar.

Irrespective of varied religion and caste, people of all over the states from south India come together on every festival and enjoy it with great enthusiasm.

The beauty of the unity and diversity of these various festivals is really astonishing and makes India proud of its sovereignty.

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