Amazing Facts About Meenakshi Temple

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Gaze at the stunning and amazing idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi at the famous Meenakshi Temple in Madurai (Tamil Nadu) if you get a chance to visit the Southern part of India.

This ancient Hindu Temple was built in the 7th century and the idols are nearly 2500 years old. One of the interesting facts about Meenakshi temple is that recently it won the title of being one of the seven wonders of India owing to its wonderful structure.

The exquisite architecture of the temple consists of 12 gopurams or towers that are engraved with beautiful paintings and carvings and filled with lively colours. The temple is known to be based on Dravidian concept and architecture. It was ruined during the year 1300 but was then rebuilt.

The Meenakshi temple holds great significance for the Tamil people as they worship and offer prayer to Goddess Meenakshi, which is the main deity of the temple. Vishwakarma Brahmins were the ones who built this famous architectural piece. One of the amazing facts about Meenakshi temple is that the entire figure of the deity is made with a single piece of emerald. During festivals and occasions the entire temple is lit beautifully with candles and lamps.

Devotees offer various kinds of sweets and other foodstuff to the deity in the form of Prasad during festivals. Thousands of visitors and pilgrims from all around the world come here to attend important festivals like wedding event of Goddess Meenakshi. On this day the idol is decorated with lots of flowers. This event takes place during the month of April or May.

There are certain facts about Meenakshi temple that individuals are unaware of. The Aariyam Kaal Mandapam is quite a large hall that stands at one corner of the temple. It boasts of 980 pillars that have fantastic carvings and paintings of ancient dancers. You can listen to a melodious tune if you strike the pillars in a particular way. The carvings of the 12 gopurams are reconstructed and cleaned after every 12 years. A pond exists inside this temple that is considered as holy for devotees.

It harbours the growth of many lotus flowers that comprise of a golden glow, which is just extraordinary and cannot be seen anywhere. One of the amazing facts about Meenakshi temple is that no fish or any other aquatic life exists in the pond as people believe that it is God’s wish that no aquatic life will flourish.

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