Most Popular South Indian Foods

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Most people think that Idli, Vada and Dosa are the only food that the south Indian cuisine has. But the truth is slightly far removed from it. If we start taking stock of all the food items that the south Indian cuisine has, we will probably run short of space.

South Indian food has many categories and there are food items that are specifically eaten for breakfast and meals. Let us take a look at the various types of items the south Indians have for us.

The vegetarian delicacies of south Indian food:

Since rice is the staple food, a lot of variations are available. For snacks you can have Pesarattu (mung daal pancake), pulihaara (tamarind & lemon rice), idli, vadas and Upma. You can also try the various types of curries (also called Kooralu) they make with dosa.

All these are vegetarian south Indian dishes and you can have them with an assortment of various types of pickles made of tamarind, pulses and mint. Curd is also used to make a condiment that can be had with these items. There are also the bana fries that they make and these are quite delicious.

The non vegetarian delicacies of South Indian food:

The list of non vegetarian south Indian food is also quite extensive. For one, the Hyderabadi biryani is an all time favorite for many. But there are other items too that are also lip smacking. Chicken cooked in the flavors of Coorg, or with vermicelli, mutton cooked with tamarind and curry leaves, fish in thick coconut gravy and prawns cooked with spices in a coconut shell are just some examples of the delicious south Indian dishes that people hardly know about.

Other than the non vegetarian items there are various types of desserts available. Payasam is the most common and there are other popular south Indian dishes too.

South India is a land of ultimate diversity in terms of food. Coconut is a prized eatable found there and the people in south use it to the best to make the foods even more delicious and nutritious. The serving pattern is also unique there as you get tea or "chai" in small, blunt glasses but not in ceramic cups as found elsewhere.

To experience the authentic south Indian savories, the best option is to take a tour there; however nowadays you also find many restaurant chains across India serving such foods made by south Indian chefs.

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