Thousand Pillar Temple in Andhra Pradesh State

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India has been praised enough for its natural beauty and sight scenes along with its hospitality services to its guests and blah, blah and blah. Very rare, about its different styles of temples are updated on Internet and this may be because of less interest from young generation of Indian society who are the all time visitors of Internet.

People might have thought that, when young generation is not that much interest in this gaining knowledge about India’s heritages and holy shrines then, no need to give any sort of updates on this field, even if some have tried this method too.

India is as beautiful by its natural sight scenes as holy place in the world, because it nourishes crores of temples of deities at each of its corners. The spiritual level of Indian people is quite higher in comparison to other countries, exclusive few. In India, any guest from abroad can find Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism and yes ‘Hinduism.’ Here is a blend of worlds’ all the religion. People may have toured the whole world, but with bet they find such mixture of different culture and customs anywhere else in this world.

Spiritualism is not waste of time and misuse of energy. It is a kind of meditation through which people can strengthen their inner spirit and be powered by extra intellect and knowledge. Heaven is not up there and there is no heaven after death too, as our ancestors had been thinking off. Actually, everything is here and right with us. What we do would be turned into positive effect or negative effect not after our death rather with us. These are the learning which cannot be found here and there, you need a holy place with holy and intellectual people, who can make you understand with all the talks of inner-spirit.

Best place can be suggested for such purpose to be executed is Andhra Pradesh. This is a state from South India and having fulfilled with innumerous holy shrines or temples run by high-intellectual and globally recognized monks. The way they give will give you the teaching of spirituality; you would definitely be a die-hard worshipper of such people. People come from all over the world to the temples of Andhra Pradesh, only to witness and hear off persuasive celestial talks which are supposed to charge up the spiritual ethics.

There are some most visited temples also, in this state including its capital city Hyderabad. Famous temples in Hyderabad are Birla Mandir, Ujjaini Mahankali Temple, Ram Krishna Math and Sanghi Temple. Apart from these, there is one temple called Thousand of Pillars Temple in AP, which has been built on the foundation of thousands of pillars and being visited the most by mass of worshippers. It is also a famous temple of South India along with Tirupati Balaji temple.

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