Jim Corbett National Park when to Go

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The Jim Corbett National park is one of the oldest sanctuaries, which has been constructed for saving the endangered species of tigers. It is situated in Nainital, Uttarakhand. Apart from tigers, a number of other animals are also found roaming around.

It attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world who come over to watch wild animals by jeep safaris or other modes of transport. It is always advisable to visit such places during specific periods of the year. If you have any queries regarding Jim Corbett National Park when to go then you can visit the websites that provide such information or you can ask your relatives and friends too.

The park is divided into 3 zones which operate during different months of the year- Jhrina, Bijarani and Dhikala. So it can be said that the park is open to the public round the year. All the zones remain closed for a few days due to the fact that the roads of these two zones get eroded during the rainy season making it difficult for the tourists to visit.

After the rainy season, the roads are repaired every year to make travelling easy for visitors. October and November are the months when the post monsoon repair work of roads begins. If you have any questions related to Jim Corbett National Park when to visit then it is best to check out the place during the winters.

Generally there are three seasons in which tourists can watch the animals roaming the entire area- summer, winter and monsoon. March to June is the best period during summer when you can watch the animals playing around. If you want avoid the sun and extreme heat then you can visit between the months of November and February.

If one wants to get drenched in rain then July to October are the appropriate months. If you really want to know Jim Corbett National Park when to visit then the best time is from 15th November to 15th June. Between these periods the entire park is accessible by the tourists and there is no prohibition as such.

The National Park is the house of a large number of flora, fauna and endangered species. One can also watch birds which come from other locations and hover in the sky. So if you are planning for Jim Corbett National Park when to go then it is suggested that except monsoon you can go at any time of the year.

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