List of Historical Monuments in Lucknow

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Under the rule of Asaf-Ud-Daula, Lucknow has evolved as the picturesque locales of the country and tourists from abroad thronged to the city to visualize the monuments and the intrinsic architectures engraved on its walls.

The list of historical monuments in Lucknow is limited but each being quite attractive and neatly designed to feel the actual worth of visiting the same. Lucknow has long served as the cultural capital if India.

The reflection of India’s culture could be strongly felt in the carvings and designs etched on the walls and ceilings of the historical monuments of the city.

Lucknow has evolved as the most attractive visiting within the country nada los abroad especially for the presence of its impressive architectural monuments. The love of art and architecture of the Nawab’s of Lucknow can be felt in the historical monuments.

You might still be unaware regards the list of historical monuments in Lucknow and instead brag about the famous delicacies available in the city. Following are the noted monuments in Lucknow:

  • Bara Imamabara – This is a religious Muslim monument that was constructed in the year 1784. This is known to be one of the very important places of worship for Muslims and every year Muharram is celebrated with grandeur in this place.
  • Lucknow Residency – This was built in the year 1800 A.D and was constructed for the purpose of residence for the British Resident General who served as a representative in the court of Nawab.
  • Clock Tower – This highest tower was constructed in the year 1880 by Nawab Nasir-ud-Din Haider. The height of this tower is 221 feet and it is the tallest clock tower in our country.
  • Shah Najaf Immanbara – This is the replica of the tomb of Hazarat Ali in Iraq. This is a very beautiful tomb and is known to be one of the very important tourist attractions of this place.
  • Tombs of Sa’adat Ali Khan & the Begum - These tombs represent the very gorgeous and realistic Avadh architectural patterns. The very important feature of these tombs is the proportioned shape of the domes complemented by the graceful kiosk.
  • Kaiserbargh Palace – This palace is known for its architectural brilliance. The palace incorporates ionic columns, banisters, Moorish minarets, Hindu umbrellas, lanterns and pediments.

Many of the historical monuments in Lucknow have architecture that is of Indo-Sarcenic style that is hard to detect in present day constructions.  The harmonious blend of Mughal’s and Rajput’s architectural inclination and style can be best seen and felt in the monuments of Lucknow. 

The list of historical monuments in Lucknow bear a proof of the architectural sense that the then Nawabs bore and had implemented them into action, to make it attractive for you and sundry.

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