Most Popular Attractions in Bikaner

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Bikaner is indeed an interesting and colorful tourist destination in the majestic state of Rajasthan in western India. The beautiful monuments of the place bear testimony to its glorious past. The city was founded in 1488 and since almost 550 years, Bikaner or the desert city has been fascinating the tourists.

The history of the city tells the tales of bravery of RaoBikaji, a descendant of RaoJodhaji. This rocky scrubland has too many tourist attractions that have been reasons for its popularity over the years.

Read below to know more about these popular attractions in Bikaner:

Junagarh Fort – This impressive fort is a mammoth and formidable structure surrounded by water moat which once was a home to many crocodiles. The fort comprises amazing network of havelis that has adjacent courtyards and private patios, halls, armory, watch towers, halls and so on. Build in red sandstone and marble, this fort possesses a long rampart of around 1000m long with 37 bastions and two entrances.

Lalgarh Palace - The Lallgarh Palace is an architectural marvel in Bikaner. The palace is a memoir of MaharajLal Singh and built in the brilliant red sandstone by his son, Maharaja Ganga Singh.

This wonderfully designed and decorated palace reflects a unique fusion of architecture with styles from Rajput gharana, Islamic and European culture. Brilliant latticework and filigree work further adorns the palace walls and ceilings. The museum with the palace houses historical hunting trophies, etchings, and some huge paintings. It isopen from 10am - 5pm daily except Sunday.

Gajner Palace - This palace is also known as ‘a jewel in Thar desert'; and was built as a summer resort for the royal families. Standing beside a lake, this palace is a remarkable creation by Maharaja Ganga Singh; today it is used extensively as the backdrop for many cinematic shoots and grand entertainment. Beautifully carved in red sandstone, Gajner Palace has lovely pillars, jharokhas, and screens. One part of this palace is now used as a heritage hotel.

Kote Gate  -  A paradise for shopping lovers, this local market area is a grand attraction of Bikaner. You get local food items, art crafts and beautiful handmade items. Many shops sell historical assets as antiques as well.

Some more popular tourist attractions of Bikaner are Bhandasar Jain Temple, Ganga Government Museum, Prachina Museum, Shiv Bari Temple, Karni Mata Temple, Station Road, Jain Temple and so on. Bikaner has been a colorful canvas if you love history, culture, desert, and above all Rajasthan. These destinations of Bikaner are considered as popular tourist attractions in India if you consider touring western India. 

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