Kalighat Temple- One of the Most Visited Pilgrimages in India

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India has always been recognized as secular plus one of the most religious countries in world. It has lacs of temples and cent percent of its population is devotees of respective God.

They believe in spiritual activities and live with the back up from the core belief in God. Here, people live life through worshiping rituals. People think that success comes through your dedication towards God. If you love your God, you will love your job.

Ever-since the shift of Hinduism from Veda, dynasties came under importance and more people likely to be inclined towards building temples wherever they can to place deity for worshiping. On such process, India has reached today’s situation.

More than lacs temples are now being dedicated to 33 crores of God according to Hinduism. The divine story of Goddess Sati and Lord Shiva must have been heard by all. Sati got engaged with Lord Shiva and but due to the opposition of Sati’s father sati devoted herself to Lord Fire. Out of such unbelievable incident committed by Lord Shiva’s beloved sati, he went on roaming the whole universe holding sati’s dead body with his hands.

Then, Lord Vishnu took decision of slicing sati’s body into pieces and those parts of Goddess Sati’s fell on earth’s different part and fortunately major parts are in India. And the Kalighat’s Temple of Goddess Kaali is believed to be built over Maa Sati’s one of parts.

Kalighat’s Kaali Mandir is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is one of the most visited Pilgrimages in India. Millions of devotees come to visit the Mandir with their wishes and desires to send to the door of Maa Kaali.

Nowadays, foreigners are also witnessed in there, worshiping the deity of Goddess Kaali. Besides, after getting their wishes fulfilled, devotees return back to Mandir to show their gratitude to Goddess. This how; the queue of devotees of Kalighat Mandir never gets shrink.

Other than these, if you wish for worshipping for a full long day, then Priests’ guidance are always there. Each and every ritual procedure will be guided by priest or monk in there. Devotees never feel any kind of obstructions and every time they experience a hassle free ritual programme.

“From God’s Door, No-one returns with Gloomy Thought.”

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