Travel & Tourism is Showing Amazing Growth

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Travel and Tourism, this year was between May 4 -12. This event highlighted the travel effects on the economy, especially business travel.

The National Tourism week celebrated one week every year in the month of May. This was a joint resolution, established in 1993 and includes a presidential proclamation for everyone to celebrate this week with activities and ceremonies. Ever since 1993, this is being celebrated every year.

The impact of business travel on the economy is amazing and revealed by the recent study. Travel effect was the theme of this year and the study results had excellent reasons to celebrate. The study includes that overall travel generated 14.4 million jobs and in 2012, $1.9 trillion was travel generated to the US economy. The business travel created last year 3.68 million jobs.

Another biggest networking travel & tourism forum is the South Asia centered growing business. In the last 2 decades, SATTE is the biggest forum networking in South Asia for travel & tourism. SATTE in the past 2 decades is promoting the tourism of India and has evolved as a global exhibition all over the world.

SATTE has acquired much acclaim in the circles of international businesses and is now with UNWTO as a close associate. It is providing its participants a great interactive and amazing platform to network, discuss, think, transact and also assess the growing opportunities that is being provided by India. SATTE is now working to reach the forefront of the tourism industry in South Asia and is also expecting a good growth in the future in the tourism industry.

This biggest networking SATTE in south Asia will be held between January 29 – 31 in India at New Delhi. It will be accompanied by events from SATTE Mumbai West from February 3-4 at Mumbai, Nehru Centre. Here there is lots of opportunity to meet travel agencies decision makers, domestic and outbound tourism all in one place, one roof, MICE planners catering within India and tour operator companies’ ideas.

SATTE 2014 is a must visit event for the tourism industry and is the largest event and trade show that powers business in India for the travel and tourism. This event will include 600 exhibitors and there will be more than 50 countries participating, thereby making it the largest event in India. It is best to schedule appointments. Do not miss this opportunity, so register today and promote your travel business.

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