Motion Sickness Prevention and Cure

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Motion sickness is an irritating situation which makes us feel uncomfortable while travelling. The most common symptoms are stomach ache, weakness, headache, dizziness which finally leads to stomach distress and vomiting.

vomiting. The medical term of motion sickness is “kinetosis” is mainly caused when our body does not respond properly to the neurological signals. It is an awkward situation that occurs when your body is being passively transported by a vehicle (train, car, bus, aeroplane, amusement park ride etc)

Types of motion Sickness

There are three types of motion sickness like sea sickness, car sickness and air sickness. Sea sickness and Air sickness are the most known type of motion sickness. Be it a car ride, a bus ride or boat ride, the cause of motion sickness remains the same. The plane in flight can be bound around by strong wind current which may lead many passengers to air sickness.

Sea sickness also happens for more or less the same reason. Sometimes ocean currents make the ship move haphazardly which makes some people feel sick or nauseous. Sometimes any joyride in a park or a train ride also may lead some people to motion sickness.

Cure for Motion Sickness

There are numerous cure options for motion sickness. Some of the options are given below to fight with the most common motion sickness

1.    Prescribed Drugs: Various medicines are available to fight with this kind of sicknesses. It is always recommended you must consult a doctor.

2.    Scopolamine (Transderm Scap): It is a most common drug that is prescribed by most doctors. It is kept behind the ear for almost four hours before you start travelling.

3.    Cyclizine (Mazerine):
This is an oral medication usually taken 30 minutes prior to your travel. Children under six years of are not recommended to have this medicine.

4.    Meclizine (Bonine): This is a kind of oral medication that is not suitable for children under 12 years of age. The intake of this medicine may cause drowsiness and dry mouth.

5.    Ginger Root: Ginger is a herb which is believed to cure nausea or any stomach related problems.

6.    Herbal Treatment: There are certain herbs which are very friendly to motion sickness problems. The use of the herbs will increase your body’s immune system. Even while before using the herbs it is better to take the help of a doctor and follow a definite treatment plan.

7.    Peppermint:
The menthol and the refreshing smell of peppermint ease the health problems caused by motion sickness.

It is always better if you can take preventions before travelling rather than falling sick. After all motion is life and you cannot just sit back at home and fret.

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