What if You Lose Your Passport Abroad?

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A passport is a legal document that allows an individual to enter a foreign country and at the same time return to one's own country. Well, this is indeed a headache if you lose your passport overseas. The major problem in that case that you will find is that you may have to change your itinerary and plan your international vacation otherwise.

Just the moment you will realise that you have lost your passport, you may feel as if your heart is on your palm. Just stay cool at that moment, and think positively how to retrieve your passport.

There are few way-outs that will help hasten the retrieval process of your passport. However, in such cases you may have to compromise with your entire trip and the planning associated with it.


The first thing you need to do is to report the concerned authority once you are fed up with the rigorous search. Once you report that your passport is missing or stolen to, it will automatically turn invalid. Therefore, if someone finds it, he or she cannot use it further.

In case someone attempts to do such notorious crime, he will be charged under the crime penal code. Therefore, if you are done with this reporting procedure, you may apply for a replacement passport.


You can only apply for your replacement password if you are done with reporting procedure. The authority must declare that your passport is lost and therefore, invalid. The application form for the replacement passport is nearly similar to the one for the new passport.

Now, even replacement passport requires certain documents and photographs that you may not find at reach. Get ready to contact the embassy; the embassy can help you in the procurement of an identical passport.

Apply for the duplicate passport:

Losing your passport in your home is not that great headache. However, you must show certain amount of promptness to sort out this issue. At first, you have to lodge a police report. After that you have to take your password reference to the nearby passport office.

It would effective if you access the place where you applied for the old password. Once you are done with it, you are better advised to go straightaway to the passport office or issuing unit. You may be required to carry the copy of the police report and the photocopy and other associated documents.

Last but not the least stay connected to the issuing office. It normally takes some time to get a duplicate passport and the intervention of the local authorities elongates the process. Therefore, for well and good keep knocking the concerned authority and learn the progress in the process.

Hopefully, all these tips will help you get a duplicate passport. The procedure is indeed a bit complex. So, take care of your passport because “prevention is better than to cure”.   

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