West India Travel Guide

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Stretching from the Deserts bordering Pakistan to the tropical forested slopes of the Western Ghats, the Western part of India is home to some of the most important historical sites of the nation.

From fascinating sites in Maharashtra to the world famous frescoes and carvings at Ajanta and Ellora Caves, from the wonderful ruined forts built by Marathas and Portuguese to the thriving modern city of Pune, West India Travel has it all.

After the vibrant atmosphere of Bombay, the palm-fringed beaches of Goa warm the spirit in the sun and relax the mind.

One can meditate in cool and ancient Buddhist caves tunnelled out of solid rock on the craggy hillsides or can enjoy dramatic contrast from the colourful fairs and festivals in unspoiled Gujarat. The choice is once again tremendous in this land that offers everything.

West India is the lively and colourful part of India. The exotic and majestic land of kings and Rajputs still precept that echoes throughout the region.

Udaipur's bone white buildings on shimmering Lakes, honey-coloured splendour of Jaisalmer, radiant blue patchwork of Jodhpur and the seductive pink mayhem of Jaipur, all add their charm to the galore and beauty of West India travel.

The Konkan region during the west India Travel is famous for the delicious Alphonso mangoes as well as cashews and coconuts.

Imposing buildings, ancient monuments, mosques, temples attract a large number of tourists. The west is dominated by Runn of Kutchh, the breeding ground of Flamingo, Pelican and the heart of Gujarat's handicrafts business flourishing for many centuries.

The pre-Arayan Harappan culture survived in West India for over five centuries after it was destroyed in Sind and Punjab.

The ancient port of Lothal excavated recently has been identified as one of the most important centres of the 4500 years old Indus Valley Civilisation. The tribal belt at Bhuj - The Rabaris can be seen all around in their traditional dresses during West India Travel, busy in the fields of art and culture.

In West India, is the glamour of Bollywood cinema, watching afternoon cricket on maidans, admiring the sublime colonial architecture and riding in the red double-decker buses.

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